The artists as “friends” of Pope Paul VI



«I have always spent my time with artists, I have always secretly loved them and whenever I can, despite their strong modesty, I try to talk to them»: with these words, in the Dialogues with Paul VI of Jean Guitton, Giovanni Battista Montini declares to history the basis of his privileged relationship with artists of his time, a relationship made of dialogue, familiarity, passion but also a constant dedication of comprehension of their work.

The tour dedicated to the artists “friends” of Pope Paul VI proposes a focus on many figures who have been very close to him in the world of art: from Dina Bellotti, his official portraitist, to Lello Scorzelli who realised the crosier for him; from Aldo Carpi, who accompanied the Pope in the Holy Land to Trento Longaretti, who realised the work, the Pope gave as a gift to the Patriarch  Athenagoras; from Jean Guitton, who entertained a very particular friendship with the Pope, to Kengiro Azuma, a japanese artist of zen culture-in spite of his distance of catholicism- Pope Paul VI wanted to acquire many works for the Vatican Museums and his collection.

The building is served by a lift for the accessibility of elderly people, people with disabilities and prams or pushchairs.

DURING: approx. 60 min. – INDIVIDUAL OR GUIDED VISIT- GUIDED VISIT PRICE 50.00 per per group (20 pers. max) + admission ticket to the museum