Paul VI Award for Contemporary Art

Art and spirituality Association

Art and spirituality Association, managing authority of Paul VI Collection- Contemporary Art, aims to promote- as its statute says- «the contributions of art, in its various expressions, to the spiritual enrichment of people’s life of our time»; for these reasons, this art it is not necessarily based on religious subjects or themes but open and careful to the themes of spirituality, to the questions of the meaning, to the search of an inner dimension and to the eschatological issues.


In this regard, every two years, the Association promotes the Paul VI Award for Contemporary Art, designated to the relationship between art and spirituality. It is addressed to Italian or foreign artists (only for residents or domiciled in Italy), with a special attention to emerging young artists.


In 2023, on the occasion of “Bergamo Brescia Capitals of italian Culture 2023”, there will be a Special Edition of the Paul VI Award for Contemporary Art consisting in:


1: A first part, where all the finalist artists (selected by a jury of experts among all the participants of the call of proposals) will have the possibility to participate to a collective exhibition in spring 2023 at the Museum;


2: A second part, where the winning artist (selected by the jury among other finalist artists), will have the possibility to set up a personal exhibition at the museum, in spring 2024, after a year of preparation.


Every interested candidate needs to fill in the application form (terms and conditions can be downloaded from the link below) and send it to both the e-mail addresses of  and

The application form must be accompanied by a CV, portfolio and images of the works the artist wants to present to the jury of experts or a well-defined project of unrealised works with a synthetic planning idea of a potential exhibit to present in the Museum in case of winning.


The deadline to submit the proposals for the fourth call of the “Paul VI Award for Contemporary Art” is set by Monday 21st November 2022 at 17:00 pm. Every application submitted after this deadline will be considered null and void.


After examining all the applications, the jury of experts will select the final artists who will be notified by letter or email by Monday 19th December 2022.