Recent acquisitions



Contrary to common beliefs, the collection of a Museum is never static but always constantly evolving. In particular, we continually enlarge and round out the collection, while also developing it further with a very special regard to the original core and the main values of the collection when it was founded.

The Museum, indeed, continues to add to its collection today, as it happened in 2011, when it was enriched with more than 200 works realised by many of the most important protagonists of the Italian contemporary scene. The conspicuous donation made by the CEI, also contained the original panels of the “New Lectionary”realised between the 2007 and the 2008.

In addition, every year the museum acquires a limited number of works donated by artists (after a meticulous evaluation by the Scientific Committee of PaulVI Collection), that pay particularly but not exclusively attention to the artists that established a specific and documented relationship with Pope Montini and Mons. Pasquale Macchi.

The building is served by a lift for the accessibility of elderly people, people with disabilities and prams or pushchairs.

DURING: approx. 60 min. – INDIVIDUAL OR GUIDED VISIT- GUIDED VISIT PRICE 50.00 per per group (20 pers. max) + admission ticket to the museum