Artistic techniques.



One of the most surprising aspects of many works of art is often related to a technique or many techniques of which they are made. For this reason, every language- even if the most simple one- depends on a series of specific techniques determining in a crucial way the final result of the work, but it also depends on every artist who tends to personally reinterpret the standard procedures, offering interesting re-elaborations and sometimes really original and unexpected ones.

The tour dedicated to artistic techniques offers many insights on the methods used for the works, on many graphic techniques (from xylography, etching, lithography, to serotype) and also on gold leaf applications. The museum offers a visit to discover the “secrets of the artists’ workshop” to better understand the meaning of their works.

The building is served by a lift for the accessibility of elderly people, people with disabilities and prams or pushchairs.

DURING: approx. 60 min. – INDIVIDUAL OR GUIDED VISIT- GUIDED VISIT PRICE 50.00 per per group (20 pers. max) + admission ticket to the museum